Dreamer To Doer


I don’t know about you all but I am dreamer. You’d be amazed at how many dreams this mommy has. I’m sure sometimes people either read things or listen to me talk and think this girl is out of her mind she doesn’t have a clue. Truth be told all these dreams are sometimes so overwhelming that even I think I am out of my mind, but from all those things there is one main connection. I want to help people. My biggest dream that is so exciting and brings a smile to my face is also the dream that scares me the most and makes me think it’s just not possible.

This dream of helping people has almost left me crippled because all these ideas come into my head and I have no idea what to do with them. Where do I put them? Who do I share them with? How do I even begin to put them into action? Where will I get the money and time to make them come true? It’s just so scary!!!

Well I think I have found a start to putting those dreams into action. Beth-Anne over at Brilliant Business Moms has created an amazing planner that I truly believe is going to be game changer for me.  I am the type that will write things down in any book I can find and then never find it again. Well now I will have a planner that I can write everything down in and not worry about where I wrote it in.

Inside this new planner I’ll be able to write down my goals and figure out which one are the most important and figure out how to break those goals down to get them accomplished.


One thing I really love about this planner is that it isn’t just about business. This planner also serves a purpose for my personal life. It gives me the space to write down things that I’ll always want to remember or at least look back on and smile about. It will give me space to remind myself to show gratitude each and every day even on the days that are hard. This is actually probably my favorite piece of the book because I know that if I can’t pour into my family and friends then the rest doesn’t matter and I haven’t really accomplished anything at all. This can be a hard thing for us to do sometimes and with this planner it can really help us balance our business life with our family life. All you’ll have to do is look inside and see which one has more spots filled.


Surely by now you must be thinking how do I get my hands on one of these. Well head on over to the Brilliant Life Planner and reserve yours today! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Do you have dreams that you need to put into action? Or maybe you are already have. I’d love to hear about them.

When The Noise Fades

2016-08-15 21.11.59

I remember all the chatter. The chatter that once drove me crazy. I couldn’t believe that much noise could be made. I’d give it a time limit, I’d say ten minutes and it’s finished.  I’m usually pretty silent,  not really knowing when I was allowed to speak. I learned to be a listener but never a responder.

I grew to like silence as it was a place for me to think. But now this silence is too much for me. This silence comes from darkness. Darkness has crept in and left a big black cloud.  I know I cannot bring the light for only the Lord has the power to do that.  He created the light, He is the one who said “Let there be light.”

So Lord where is this light? Why can we not see through this darkness?

I know now that the noise was filled with love, joy, and opportunity. This silence is filled with sorrow,  pain, and frustration.

Lord can I have the noise back?

I prayed today that I would obey your commands because it honours you.

Praise to you that we can lean on you for wisdom and guidance.

Praise to you that you direct all paths we take.

Praise to you that you are a powerful God who can break through the darkness and shine your light.

Lord turn this silence into a time for you. Where only you are heard, where nothing else matters but you.

If you need to Lord, I’ll accept the silence but only if I know you are in it. I’ll wait for the day the noise returns knowing Lord that you were there and that the path is starting to see light again.


Morning Makeovers


Let’s start by saying I am not a morning person nor am I convinced that I ever will be. Soon though school will be starting and we’ll all be rushing out the door and it’s time to get on some sort of schedule so I don’t do the same thing over again and become stressed trying to do things that could have been done the night before.

Before summer came and took over from the craziness of selling our home, living with my parents for almost two months and then moving back to Haiti I was on track on starting my days off on the right track. There is just something about waking up and not worrying about what to do first that makes you feel like you have already conquered the day.

Now that summer is coming to end… well I should say school break cause let’s be real it’s always summer here in Haiti. It is time to get back on track and so I have decided that starting today I am getting back on track and with that I am going to be going over the Make Over Your Mornings Course by Crystal Paine.

In this 14 day course Crystal helps you get your morning productivity started, helps you set and achieve goals ( I am so terrible at this), and teaches you how to fill your soul with the right stuff before starting your day.

I have learned in the last year that mornings can really either make or break your day. There are times where I literally go back to bed after being up for a while just so I can feel like I am getting a fresh start at the day. But you see I have so many amazing dreams. Some of them may just stay dreams but others are I know are suppose to come dream but these dreadful mornings are holding me back and I know a year from now I do not want to be in the same place I am now wishing I had started living out those dreams. Honestly, I don’t want to be where I am 6 months from now.

So for the next 14 days I am determined to go over the Make Over Your Morning Course and have it be the beginning of a new start for me. I’d love for you to join along. Great news, for this week only if you purchase the course it’s only $10. And if you want to work on making over your evenings they have  an added bonus where you can also purchase her Make Over Your Evenings Course for just $7.

Tell me are you a morning person? If you are what is one thing you do each morning that helps you get your day started?

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