Simple Thought… Everlasting Reminders

15123400_10157672222505328_517197699422292454_o  It absolutely amazes me all the things I have done in my 32 years of life. There were moments of happiness, sadness, laughter, achievement and failure. There are moments I can remember as if they happened yesterday and then there are times where other people talk about things I have done and I have no memory of them.

For the last year I have been journaling everyday just some simple thoughts. Last Christmas I received a 5 year journal. Each day they ask you a simple question and all you have to do is write a short answer. The questions vary from being serious to being totally random.

I’m excited that I’ll soon be starting my second year and I can start reflecting on last years answers. I’m sure some I’ll remember instantly and know why I wrote that answer but I’m also sure there will be days when I look and wonder what was happening that day or just laugh at the craziness of my answer.

My only downfall to this journal is reminding myself to answer each day. I know there are some days where my answer is “Forgot to answer.” Life sometimes gets in the way but at least I can look at those days and remind myself that life happens.

I recently discovered two more journals from the same company that I’d love to try out. One is the 5 Year Journal for Moms. I feel thought that may have to wait until I am done the one I already have since they may be too similar. The other I’m hoping to get a copy of is a 3 Year Journal For Kids. I’d love for my kids to join in the fun and then be able to give it back to them when they are older so they look back and see what they remember or laugh about answers they shared.

Tell me do you have a special book that you journal in or write down memories? Share with me, I’d love to hear what you use!



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Dear Teenage Girl


It’s been on my heart for months but I just could never seem to find the time or the right words to sit and write. But it’s never far from my mind when I sit and look at her everyday.

I look at her and hope she knows how worthy she is. I hope she knows how beautiful she is. I hope she knows how loved she is, because I know one day soon those days will come where she will question all of them. But here is a chance for all you teenage girls to show her that these truths will always stay the same. Why you? You are her next step in life, so right now she idolizes you.

So Dear Teenage Girls,

I know the last thing you probably care about is how you are reflecting to little girls who have no idea what you are going through. But just for moment think of how much those little girls are looking up to you. You are helping shape what kind of young lady they will grow up to be.

Maybe today you need a reminder of some of things to help you keep going. Do you know how worthy you are? You dear girl were so fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14)  Please remember that. No one can take that worth away. Those crappy things you went through or are going through, those don’t take your worth away. They add to it because even through it, Jesus still loves you! I remember those days of not even knowing what worthy meant, it wasn’t even in my vocabulary. Then when I learned about worth, I told myself it was already too late. I had too much shame in my life, I’d already done too much wrong. But then God took hold of me and said No! I created you and nothing I create is bad.

Oh sweet girl, you are beautiful, so so beautiful! That make up, hair and clothes, that’s only a reflection of the outside. (1 Peter 3:3-4) Inside though, that’s where the true beauty is created. Those boys that only see the outside beauty, they aren’t seeing through Christ’s eyes. He knows what’s really inside waiting for the rest of the world to see. I know it’s so hard when we live in a world where we need to look a certain way and be a certain way. Those were such hard days especially as a teen girl who is still trying to find her way but try not to focus too much on the outside when inside there is still so much greatness to come.

You are loved! Are you hearing me? You are loved! This one is so tough to understand. We want our parents to love us, we want our friends to love us and we even want the boys to love us. But their love will never be enough. Only Christ’s love will ever be enough. This caused me so much pain for so many years as I looked for love from all the wrong people. I never even knew what true love meant until a few years ago and I am way past my teen years. I pray you can learn about it way before I did, maybe it’ll save you some pain. Don’t go seeking love because you are already loved so much by the most important person. (John 3:16)

So teenage girls, please don’t think I’m adding pressure on you to be a certain way. Consider it an opportunity to show these little girls how much of difference they can make before reaching adulthood.


Fearful Mother of a Daughter

Dreamer To Doer


I don’t know about you all but I am dreamer. You’d be amazed at how many dreams this mommy has. I’m sure sometimes people either read things or listen to me talk and think this girl is out of her mind she doesn’t have a clue. Truth be told all these dreams are sometimes so overwhelming that even I think I am out of my mind, but from all those things there is one main connection. I want to help people. My biggest dream that is so exciting and brings a smile to my face is also the dream that scares me the most and makes me think it’s just not possible.

This dream of helping people has almost left me crippled because all these ideas come into my head and I have no idea what to do with them. Where do I put them? Who do I share them with? How do I even begin to put them into action? Where will I get the money and time to make them come true? It’s just so scary!!!

Well I think I have found a start to putting those dreams into action. Beth-Anne over at Brilliant Business Moms has created an amazing planner that I truly believe is going to be game changer for me.  I am the type that will write things down in any book I can find and then never find it again. Well now I will have a planner that I can write everything down in and not worry about where I wrote it in.

Inside this new planner I’ll be able to write down my goals and figure out which one are the most important and figure out how to break those goals down to get them accomplished.


One thing I really love about this planner is that it isn’t just about business. This planner also serves a purpose for my personal life. It gives me the space to write down things that I’ll always want to remember or at least look back on and smile about. It will give me space to remind myself to show gratitude each and every day even on the days that are hard. This is actually probably my favorite piece of the book because I know that if I can’t pour into my family and friends then the rest doesn’t matter and I haven’t really accomplished anything at all. This can be a hard thing for us to do sometimes and with this planner it can really help us balance our business life with our family life. All you’ll have to do is look inside and see which one has more spots filled.


Surely by now you must be thinking how do I get my hands on one of these. Well head on over to the Brilliant Life Planner and reserve yours today! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Do you have dreams that you need to put into action? Or maybe you are already have. I’d love to hear about them.